In your high school, you have a number of goals, besides good grades. You need to find ways to increase your exposure, and if you want to do that smartly, a high school homestay program can be a good choice. Before we talk of the benefits, let’s start with the basics.

Participating in homestay programs abroad

Student exchange programs are pretty common, but a high school homestay program is quite different in many ways. Firstly, this is not meant for learning with international students. Instead, you will stay with a host family abroad and will learn about the real people and culture of the country. You won’t be a guest of the hosts, but more like a family member. You will share the daily chores of the house and will take part in the family activities. Please note that these programs don’t have any learning modules. However, if you want, you can take up an additional language course, as long as your duration and budget permits. You can check for a few options in the US at

Am I eligible?

Most of the summer immersion programs are meant for students between 13 and 18 years of age.  If you are autonomous and don’t like a structured daily schedule, these programs are quite easy and effective. Of course, if you are in an exotic country, knowing the local language can be handy for interacting with the members of the host family.

Why take up such programs?

In recent years, high school homestay programs have become extremely popular with students who don’t want to limit their learning to the classrooms. It is more like having a real exposure to the world, where you meet and stay with people who have a different perspective of life. You can check some of these programs at You will find a lot of details on why such programs might interest you, but more than anything else, it is all about getting good exposure. You will mix with the neighbors, enjoy the local travel and can have a good time with the host. The host family is chosen on many criteria, so you don’t have a reason to worry about your stay.

You can talk to counselors of such program providers to know more about a particular program. Ask your questions and make sure that you have checked the overall expenses and costs in detail.