If you and your partner are tempted to enter the expat employment market, you wouldn’t be alone, with many families prepared to uproot and live in a different part of the world for a few years. Expat packages are always attractive, they have to be in order to attract skilled professionals to relocate, and if you have a young child, make sure you select a suitable pre-school environment, as this stage of a young person’s development is crucial.

Structured Nurseries

The best way to start your child’s education is in a structured environment, and there are nurseries that are designed to prepare the child for a British pre-school enrolment. For example, Toddler Town provides the best nurseries in Dubai, and with qualified staff and the right curriculum, your son or daughter will enjoy their time and be mentally stimulated in a dynamic learning environment. For a toddler, mixing with other children of similar age allows them to develop the essential social skills that formal schooling demands, and with caring guidance from qualified carers, the child will develop sound moral values.

Sourcing the Right Learning Environment

While you would be able to get a good deal of information on the nursery website, if you are interested in a particular nursery, a visit is recommended. Only then will you get a feel for the atmosphere, and expect to see happy children engaged in a range of activities, as any good nursery school would have an extensive list of resources for the children to explore. The structure of a nursery school is important, as it prepares the children for the first few years of formal education, and if both establishments are co-ordinated, the child will receive the best possible education.

Parental Support

Thrusting your toddler into a strange, new environment can be very stressful for the child, so it is a good idea to have dialogue and make sure your child knows that you are always going to be there in the afternoon. Actually, the children that attend nursery are so engaged in the activities, they barely notice the absence of mum or dad. You might want to take junior along when you visit a nursery, after all, they are going to be spending time there, so it is important to introduce the nursery a little in advance of the big day. The first few days might be a little difficult, which is to be expected, as this is the first time they have been without a parent, but the best thing to do is slip away unnoticed, and the emotional episode is avoided.

Parent – Teacher Communication

This is a vital part of any child’s learning, as the teacher will be able to give the parent important details about the child, and vice versa, and by staying informed, you will be aware of any issues before they become a problem.

Sourcing the right nursery is every bit as important as the choice of formal school, and with a little research, you should be able to locate the right nursery to start your child’s education.