If you need something written and don’t have time to write it yourself, can you find someone online to do it for you? If so, what are the probabilities you’ll get a quality product, and what are the ethical considerations?

This article explores both of these important issues and suggests some guidelines.

Yes, You Can Buy Essays Online

Nothing, or almost nothing, could be easier than to buy essay online. Just go to your search engine and plug in ‘essay writing services’ and see what you find! Ta-da…! There is an embarrassment of riches: You scroll and scroll, and find offer after offer. There seems to be no end to the offers. Everyone in the world seems to want to write your paper and take your money. Who’s ideal, and who’s not quite right for you? What you need to do is read the ads and choose whichever one seems to be best suited to your purposes.

How much money do you have to spare? If money is no object, choose based on quality and quality alone. You want the best research; the best grammar; and the speediest writer whose native language is the language you need for your essay.

If you are on a budget, your selection process will involve other considerations. Compare prices: Who is offering the greatest value for the least amount of money? Think: “If I select the lowest bidder to help me with my paper, can I still anticipate getting the highest quality?” Here’s where you’re going to have to consider carefully. If you order something very cheap, you’re likely to get what you pay for. You will need to research the offerings of various competitors much more closely – their qualifications, their native languages, their services, their prices, to identify the best one that fits your budget.

You can find professional writers who take pride in producing top quality work, who provide quality service, who enjoy helping workers with writing projects and students with term papers and essays; and who don’t specialize in taking your last dollar.

Ethical Considerations

There are some ethical considerations involved in choosing this path. Are you sure you want to have someone write your essay for you? What are your motivations in asking someone to do your writing for you? Are you a student, who has been assigned to write an essay for the purpose of improving your writing and research skills? You can have a better learning experience and get much more benefit from the essay if you talk to your instructor and ask for a little more time to complete the assignment.

Suppose you are confident of your own research and writing abilities and you just don’t have time? Perhaps you were required to take a course in basket weaving and don’t want to waste your time researching or writing about the history of fibers? You, of course, are a physics student and have serious work to do in your area of specialization. After a little soul-searching you may decide to get the basket-weaving essay out of the way, and let some writer earn a couple of extra dollars.

Suppose you are at work and the boss dumps a writing assignment on you: “Write about the Gee-whiz-gosh machine and compare it to the Gizmoplex machine and bring the report to me by the end of the week, all the while continuing to face your regular line of customers and answering the ‘phone.” By all means: Get professional writing help ASAP. These things do happen, and you’re most likely not being paid extra for writing. Save yourself the stress.

Suppose it’s your dissertation. Based on this work, you are going to go on and receive your advanced degree. Do your own work! That said, it’s your professional reputation at stake and you want to put your best foot forward. You doubtless know what kind of help you need. If English is not your native language, pay someone to edit your work; or if writing is not your strong suit, hire an editor. Locate custom editing services and make use of them.


There are many services online that will produce an essay for you. Finding and making use of them is not difficult, but there are numerous practical and ethical factors to consider. When you know you want to have someone do your writing for you or help with editing your work, consider the suggestions offered in this article to find the online service that is the best fit for you.