College visits can serve a variety of purposes. First, they reveal a college that you simply care enough in the future and take particular notice in their campus. Second, college visits assist you to decide if it’s school that appears just like a good fit for you personally. Finally, going to a college offers the chance to obtain solutions to questions that won’t be accessible around the college website or materials sent in the school.

Some families take college visits within their student’s junior year of highschool while some may hold back until their student is really a senior and narrowed lower their email list. There’s no perfect here we are at a university visit, but it’s always smart to try to go whenever a school is within session.

Mike desired to see some schools in California so his family made the decision to vacation. Regrettably, he didn’t call ahead so Mike was just capable of taking self-led tours rather than met anybody in the admission’s offices. Pete, however, constructed a summary of schools where he desired to take college visits. He known as ahead of time making a scheduled appointment to have an interview, college tour, and knowledge session each and every school.

Jake’s college visits most likely were not particularly useful, whereas Pete’s ensured his college visits counted.

How will you help make your college visits count?

1. Generate A SCHEDULE: Call ahead to make certain you will find students around the campus and inquire whether or not they give interviews, college tours, and knowledge sessions. Attempt to allow a whole morning or mid-day for every visit. A weekend stay is definitely an additional benefit.

2. Get Ready: Arrive early which means you have the time to get at a job interview or college tour. Dress nicely but be comfy. Possess some questions you want to inquire about the college. These ought to be questions that aren’t clarified online or perhaps in additional information you might have received.


Even when your tour doesn’t start adding some areas that appeal to you, ask the tour guide if you may have an chance to determine them. If you are looking at biology, you need to go to the science department and find out how it’s outfitted. Browse the nearest town and find out whether it meets your requirements.

4. TAKE NOTES: In the finish of the college visits, write lower some comments about each school. What have you like and have there been stuff you did not like? That which was your general impression? Have you like some dorms greater than others? Would you see yourself like a student there? When you always think you remember each college visit, you can easily confuse one school with another when you go back home.

5: Follow-up Having A Thanks: Always request a card from the college admissions people you meet. To create college visits count, send a brief thanks note when you go back home. This shouldn’t be an e-mail, but a real note.