Suppose inside a couple of several weeks you’ll be renewing your Professional Engineering license. Studying the listing, you see that you’ll require a couple of more engineering ongoing education credits. Not again, there’s insufficient time left to join up for any college class or look for a convention or seminar nearer your home. What will you do? How about online? What are the websites offering engineering ongoing education courses? Yes you will find. You’ve found several websites, and can your Condition Licensure Board accept the courses? And what’s the web site Ongoing Education Unit (CEU) and Professional Development Hour (PDH)?

Many engineers having a Professional Engineer license acquire their technical and managing skills by mostly attending professional monthly conferences, which usually accumulate .5 PDH per meeting, and only attending conferences or workshops, where 1 or even more PDHs can be found for every presentation. A minimum of 30 states require ongoing education units using the minimum requirement usually 15 PDHs each year or 30 PDHs every 2 yrs. The courses need to be associated with engineering and could be on topics which are technical, ethical, or managing. Based on the National Society of Professional Engineers, one acceptable activity to earn PDHs is attending ongoing education courses. Web based classes are often acceptable in most states, however a couple of states do limit the amount of web based classes. Five states (New You are able to, Florida, Louisiana, New York, and Oklahoma) require Condition Licensure Board to pre-approval of PDH sponsors. Licensees should consider their state’s needs.

Licensed engineers, on the voluntary or mandated basis, attend ongoing education courses not just for licensure renewal but additionally to make sure competency. These engineers earn Professional Development Hrs (PDH) for carrying on these courses. An Expert Development Hour is recognized as one contact hour obviously work of either instruction or presentation. The licensee accounts for maintaining records for use to aid credits claimed. Presently, 30 from the 50 states mandate ongoing education to keep competency for licensed engineers.

1 Ongoing Education Unit (CEU) = 10 Professional Development Hrs (PDH)


one hour lunch with presentation .05 CEUs = .5 PDHs

one day seminar granting .7 CEUs = 7 PDHs

1.5 day seminar granting 1 CEU = 10 PDHs

2 day seminar granting 1.3 CEUs = 13 PDHs

3 day seminar granting 2 CEUs = 20 PDHs

In the following paragraphs we’ve discussed exactly what a professional development hour is perfect for engineers. Many states are requiring that engineers attend these courses to remain current within their specialization. Typically engineers are needed to qualify and document the program they’ve completed each renewal period. Within our quickly altering industry finishing the right course could possibly be the distinction between an employed as well as an unemployed engineer.

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