Homeschooling parents discover that the CLEP program is an ideal match their teaching style and goals. The School Level Examination Program (CLEP) is a number of standard tests that are identified by over 2900 universites and colleges as the same as effectively completed course work. If you take and passing these CLEP exams, people of every age group can opt from certain fundamental classes, and also at some institutions, receive credit just like when they had the category.

You will find CLEP tests obtainable in 34 different regions of study. From American Literature to Fundamental Psychology, Calculus or Chemistry, self-study guides and exercise exams are offered by CLEP. Whenever a student is confident that they’re prepared, they’re going to one of the numerous CLEP testing centers round the country, and take the CLEP exam for the reason that subject. There’s a charge for study materials as well as for testing, but thinking about the savings that may derive from a passing CLEP score, the price is minimal. Study guides have to do with $25, and also the test fee is $72 for every subject. However, when the college of your liking need the CLEP test results, then your tuition for your class, and the price of textbooks is saved. Even vocational schools may charge just as much, per credit hour, as you CLEP test!

The CLEP option is fantastic for homeschools. Homeschooled youngsters are frequently better at independent learning than their peers who’ve studied in classrooms. CLEP appears tailor-designed for them. Students might take the tests at all ages, although no less than age 15 is suggested. By covering material inside a familiar format, homeschooled students can certainly obtain a quick start on college, saving both money and time. It’s easily entirely possible that by effectively finishing CLEP courses that students can enter college like a sophomore. Consider saving the expense of the entire year of faculty!

Frequently, homeschooled students decide to attend smaller sized colleges. This is an excellent match the CLEP exam and CLEP test program, because more small schools than large accept the credits. By carefully researching schools which accept CLEP scores, it might be easy to complete nearly 2 yrs of school in a huge savings. The price of a greater education is staggering. Frequently the little colleges which magnetize homeschooled students would be the most costly. CLEP enables families in order to save enough money that it is feasible for parents to provide their kids that small school experience for his or her final 2 – 2 ½ many years of college.

CLEP exams are standardized across the nation. Even though it is frequently contended that standard exams don’t promote true learning, they could be a great help to homeschoolers. It may be impossible to evaluate the caliber of education a homeschooled student has gotten without such tests.

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